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When you're just as deep in hell as I am, everything is worth laughing at as we're all going to hell eventually, may as well pave that road in laughter.

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For long darkened evenings, as days turned into nights and seasons carried over into the next. I watched, waited and lurked through the shadows of a place I once called my home. Each step taken, the broken glass and gravel scream out below me, alerting all who hear of my presence, I have come home and the dawn of the new day sits before me touching all that was, and now I tread amongst you, but did you recognize me from before and will you recognize me now?

Recent Game Medals

5,635 Points

Don't Do That! 5 Points

Destroy a steel or copper spike ball. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson and try not to do it again!

Grazing Gazelle 10 Points

Graze 100 bullets or more in a single level. Get into the habit of grazing for points!

Beach Clear 25 Points

Rescue the beached sea creature and complete world 2.

The Pirate Knight 10 Points

Pick up £7,000 in total with Matt.

Self Destruction 5 Points

Destroy a big bomb and knock out at least 3 enemies with it. Keep a look out for bombs in enemy formations!

Perfect Run 25 Points

Collect all 13 diamonds in any level in one run.

Forest Clear 25 Points

Tear down the bushy fortress and complete world 1.

1M Points 10 Points

Score a mediocre 1,000,000 points or more in any level.

Counter Bomb 5 Points

Use a bomb right after getting hit, and avoid the damage. Harder with less bombs and more health!

Easily Distracted 10 Points

Squish 100 slimes on the starting screen.

Latest Shared Creations

Ninja draft

Added to skins for Skincraft May 3, 2012.

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