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2015-12-29 05:17:51 by Kanon

So, it seems that my effort to coming back into NG, just hasn't been up to par. Hence the title suggests. So instead of leaving again, figure in case anyone else is looking for me, I've been playing an assload of warframe lately. So if you happen to scroll by and see and want to play sometime, my username is "KanonHidaya" and I hope to see some of you there.

Back after 2 years

2015-11-01 02:06:43 by Kanon

Not too sure yet, but eh

Seems it's time for me to move on.

2014-03-25 15:23:07 by Kanon

It's been fun NG, and to those friends I've made i'm still your friend, however if you need a community to run to yourself, and have/do like touhou give me a shout. The community i'm with now are some pretty cool people, though it's a touhou group by default, we still do a bunch of other shit.

I won't be answering any Personal messages after this post as I doubt i'll be back, but i'm always on steam

Stay classy friends.


Edit: I realised I needed an epic piece to depart with.


2013-07-04 02:45:24 by Kanon

Sup bitches?


2013-05-02 21:04:18 by Kanon

Seriously if you haven't preordered this game already fucking do so. It's a lot like terraria, even being made by the lead artist of terraria however it brings a lot more to the table, Mass exploration? It's there, you aren't bound to one particular world, and the world generation is "unlimited and random" never ending any possibilities of a fun time to be had.

You wish to know about me?

2013-04-22 03:03:10 by Kanon

The music I've come to know and love, I've come to see many traits of mine within them, those who can call me friends, tell me. Do you see them as well? When you get the chance, search your own music and ask yourself if it reflects a small part of who you are as a person.


Curious to how they fit me specifically? Just ask and i'll give you full detail into my mind why I picked these.

My Mind has been blown yet again.

2013-04-06 03:41:20 by Kanon

I don't even know where to begin, but god damn.

I'm back from being away now.

2013-03-07 16:32:45 by Kanon

I've come to realize just how boring it was without you all, so I'm back.


2013-01-13 12:49:56 by Kanon

Still been afk, but I pop in once in a while, LEAVE ME MESSAGES AND STUFF. <3 you all all.


Fucking work man...

2012-11-04 13:38:36 by Kanon

I need to get online more often, don't I? But that's working third shift for you.